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U.S. Spends Hundred Times More on Illegal Aliens Than on Assisting American Homeless Veterans

Article by Brian Hampton, Veterans' Vision, November 18, 2005

Vets' Leader Demands Vast Change in Spending Priorities

America is spending hundreds of times more money on benefits for illegal aliens than it is helping homeless veterans, charged a national veterans' leader.

U. S. taxpayers are footing a bill of over $70 Billion annually in benefits for illegal aliens, in education, health care, housing and prison costs, charged MAJ Brian A. Hampton USAR (ret), President of the Circle of Friends for American Veterans. Meanwhile, Hampton said the federal government is investing less than 1% of that amount helping 300,000 homeless veterans on our streets tonight.

Hampton was speaking on a syndicated radio network, originated through 1600 Talk Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Talk show host Brian Farrier said he was shocked and appalled by the misplaced spending priorities. His listeners jammed the station with calls and e-mails, voicing their outrage....

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